Text Box: The Great Ohana Hunt is the beginning of a unique quest to discover new, interesting and in some cases, unusual facts about Hawaii and Waikiki. The hunt is not just a game, or a fact-finding walking tour; it's an adventure that will take you on a fun, interactive journey through paradise. Where you’ll be going, there is no air-conditioning, no smiling tour guide and no canned dialog. The Great Ohana Hunt offers a new and alternative way to explore beautiful Waikiki!

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An Adventure in Paradise”

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Text Box: The Hunt Begins Here!

Armed with a map of Waikiki, a list of clues and riddles and a timeline that must be adhered to (or lose valuable points), you will embark on an unforgettable journey through paradise. The questions are worth points for the correct answer or response. Our staff will tally the points and prizes will then be awarded to the winners. Although the hunt is designed for groups of people, anyone can join in these adventures. Compete with other teams or keep to yourself, collecting the points and possibly winning one of our prizes. Our staff will be present to begin and end each hunt. All participants will meet at the designated start point and after some entry paperwork, will be assigned to a team. We must have a minimum of 12 people to operate any adventure. Currently the hunt times are customized to meet your group’s needs.